Pour ceux qui sont interessé, CIBLE va faire paraitre un article en 2 parties en mai et juin sur la passion de Papa.


Ce sera un bel hommage qui lui sera rendu peu avant l'anniversaire de sa disparition.


Je remercie le Journaliste de CIBLE Mr MORNET pour cet article très complet et du temps passé pour toutes ses recherches.



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Bonjour à tous,


j'ai prolongé l'abonnement du Blog de Papa, si jamais quelqu'un est interessé à mettre des articles....

cela peut être utile à chacun.

Merci et bonne journée.


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Robert death

This is with sadness that i announce that my father Robert passed away.

Best regards.


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Décès Robert

C'est avec une immense tristesse que je vous annonce le décès de mon père Robert.

Il n'aura malheureusement plus le plaisir de vous faire partager ces histoires et ses connaissances.



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After havving had finished the updatings of the Millenium range, Virgile and I were wondering if we could undertake a new project to remain busy during the lpng days of tha then coming confinment.

For me,the confinment was a situation un which I lived since many years but I was conscious that for Virgile it was an other affair as his schoplarship end was compromised and his entry in the active life preoccupating.

It was then necessary to show some imagination.

Several years ago, on the demand of an american manufacturer, I had imagined a trigger for the models of the AR15 range of the Drop-in/cassette type, entirely removeable and including numerous adjustments settings possible with the trigger in or out of the rifle. This model could also be adapted to other brands of semi-autos .

A ‘Working Model’ was realised at the time to verify the viability of the principle .This first model, using some mobile éléments commercially available and modified for the circumsrance necessitated a complete rebuild on the light of the tests made with this first réalisation.

I sent to Virgile this model in a dummy AR15 Lower. Virgile went immediately enthusiastic and, after numerous exchanges, Emails and phone calls we have entirely revised the data book, difficult task as,despite a precedent well functioning model it was necessary to place in such a confined space (circumstancial pum..) it was necessary to place all we wanted to put in a compartment not intended for that :

1°) A la ‘C.G’ construction consisting in a Housing containing the mechanism and a removeable Side Plate.

2°) Mainsprings of an innovative model, of a superior power allowing an important reduction of the locktime. The cooncept allow to easily modify the percussion force.

3°) Multiple settings. Over the impact force hereover :

Trigger poundage in a wide continuous range going from close to 1lb (450grams) to at least 5.5lbs (2260grams).

Independant setting of the Second Stage.

Setting of the Second Stage engagement.

Adjustable Backlash.

4°) Possible suppressuion of the First Stage.

5°) Curved or straight Trigger Shoe, with 2 reach positions for each type.

At this stage, itw as to name the model and it became the CR15 Trigger.

To day, the model is ready and here it is what it looks like :

---Housing in light metal 7075 alloy, hard anodised. It is maintained in the Lower by 2 set screws M3x8 also maintaining the Crosspins in place (anti Puns walk  out).

---Side Plate also in 7075 hard anodised, removeable and fixed to the Housing by 2 M3 Capscrews. It allow to acces to the mechanism for maintenance.

Both Housing and Cover Plate have inspection cuts allowing to visualise thefunctionning of the Trigger.

---Motion of the Hammer ensured by a different spring system allowing to vary the percussion force in 3 steps.

The locktime has not yet be measured but its calculation give impressive results thet we will still not unveil today.

This represent an important reduction of the locktime as compared with triggers powered by torsion springs, be they OEM or aftermarket.

---Trigger pull weight continuous adjustment ranging from 1.1lbs (500grs) to 6.6lbs (3000grs).

---Setting of the Disconnector engegement.

---Independant setting of the second stage pull weight.

---Becklash setting.

Reset mini of .040’ (1mm) at trigger shoe level.

---Possible suppression of the second stage by simple setting.





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